Sunday, 19 June 2022

Feudal Spanish Baggage - posted by Dirk Heinsius, 20 June 2022

The start of the Feudal Spanish Baggage. This is the Council of War by Reconqueror nicely printed by Potbelly Miniatures
Reminds me of the Hutt Club, last game on a Saturday afternoon. Minus the Chickens of course 🙂

Andreas von Dbx
"What can I possibly do with so little pips?"

Vincent Cholewa
El pollo 🐔


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  • Julian Hannam
    Fantastic. You are just grinding us under your heel now with this stuff.
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    • 6h
    • Dirk Heinsius
      Thanks, the problem is that Reconqueror, put out so many cool vignettes, that I keep getting distracted from painting actual troops for the tabletop.
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  • Bruce Ferguson
    What? we aren't having any chickens at the Hutt Club anymore? Just pies and cream buns?

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