Sunday, 28 May 2023

DBMM Nationals, June 3-4: Runners, riders and first round draw - posted by Andrew Bennetts, 27 May 2023

DBMM Nationals - King's Birthday 3,4 June
Runners, Riders and First Round Draw
In addition to the National Trophy, players marked * are also eligible for the Hutt Miniature Wargames Winter Cup
Group 1 – Up to 1070AD
Grant Brown (New Kingdom Egyptian 1170BC) vs Vince Cholewa* (Thracian 400BC)
Graham Starkey* (Samnite 280BC) vs David Wright (Syracusan 380BC)
Russell Briant* (Middle Imperial Roman 193AD) vs David Kinzett* (Late Imperial Roman 351AD)
Nick Buckby (Picts 364AD) vs John van den Hoeven* (Western Wei 605AD)
Richard Foster (Patrician Roman 436AD) vs Peter Williamson* (Cham 605AD)
Group 2 – 1071 Onwards
Ben Hill (Early Crusader 1098) vs Allen Yaxley* (Medieval Irish 1316)
Ivan Truong (Medieval French 1360) vs Phil Gates* (Early Burgundian 1460)
Bruce Ferguson* (Later Hungarian 1464) vs Wayne Watts* (Later Swiss1477)

Alastair Donald (Wars of the Roses 1489) vs Neil Williamson* (Tuareg 1880!!!!!!)