Sunday, 29 November 2020

Hutt Valley Wargaming Club win inaugural Interclub Challenge - posted by Neil Williamson, 29 November 2020

So the results of the inaugural DBMM Interclub challenge were a win for the Hutt Valley Wargaming Club.
Period 1
Peter Noble (Sumerian) 25 Craig Mabon (Assyria) 0
Period 2
Graham Starkey (Ancient Britons) 2 David Kinzett (Patrician Roman) 23
Period 3
Alastair Duncan Nike Byzantium) 16 Neil Williamson (Avar) 9
Period 4
Josh Barton (English 100yw) 9 Jim Hoskin (Mediaeval German) 16
Total points for HVWC 52
Total points fo MM 48
HVWC are the proud owners of the trophy and now have the hosting rights for the next tournament.

Congratulations to HVWC and thank you to everyone for a great day's gaming.

Left to right
Neil, Alastair, David, Josh, Graham, Jim, Craig, Peter

Graham receiving the trophy. All his team mates had deserted him by this time.

Peter wondering what to do now he finally got across the river

Peter wondering what to do now he finally got across the river

A lot of Peter's troops did not like the idea of getting their feet wet

David playing very unfairly against Caracticus. He didn't bother capturing him, and just killed him

What the hell do I do against these Romans

Avar v Byzantium

Guti vs Kish - posted by John van den Hoeven, 29 November 2020

I played Alastair Duncans Kish(Sumerian)with my Guti (Zagros Highlanders)yesterday. Both armies were 2000BC plus and a historical matchup. Unfortunately for me my warband commands decided to roll lots of ones,I had an early unreliable command and my flank march never turned up so the result was inevitable .Still a good game and the size difference between my true 25mm Cutting Edge figures compared to the CP Models Sumerians is considerable.

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    You can really see the marked difference in size in some of the pics. A while ago I saw a game involving modern 15mm figures vs an army of Airfix 1/72 scale figures. There was almost no difference in size!
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    There was no notable difference in player size......😎
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Saturday, 28 November 2020

Lithuanian bojary and Polish hussars - posted by Vince Cholewa, 29 November 2020

Finished this morning, Lithuanian “bojary” (nobles) and the last element of Polish hussars for my early 16th Century Polish. All figures are Old Glory bojary with a little work on the hussars. I made the banner and used a Perry Miniatures pike for that spear. The other spears are steel display pins.
In the background are partly assembled Perry Miniatures Wars of the Roses knights that will become Bohemian mercenaries.

These figures together, will let me field a 450AP all mounted army. I currently have enough for 400AP combined arms or all mounted, and 450AP combined arms.

Bojary and hussars

Lithuanian commander